What is MAGSUL?

Magmatic sulfide/oxide deposits are a major source of the world’s Ni, Cu, Co, Cr, and PGEs, which are commodities essential to the green economy.

MAGSUL is an inclusive community of researchers and mineral industry professionals focussing on the geology, mineralogy, geochemistry, and genesis of magmatic ores. The origins of the community date back to the first International Platinum Symposium held in Melbourne in 1971 and the first IGCP Project 161 Ni-Cu-PGE symposium held in Toronto in 1978.

The ethos of the group is to advance the application of igneous petrology and related disciplines to developing genetic understanding and exploration models for these fascinating and valuable deposits.

The MAGSUL list server was created in 1999 to post events, new publications, job openings, and discussions on relevant topics. To subscribe, change your e-mail address, or unsubscribe contact <sjbarnes@uqac.ca>.

The MAGSUL website was created in 2020 to host news, meeting information, and open-access/out-of-print publications. To add content, contact <mlesher@laurentian.ca>.

The MAGSUL logo was created by David Holwell.



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