International Ni-Cu-PGE Symposia

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14INS, 2020, Virtual Conference. Organizers: Sarah-Jane Barnes & Eduardo Mansur (Part A), Steve Barnes and David Holwell (Part B), and Michael Lesher (Zoom).  Part A Abstract Volume   Part B Abstract Volume     Eagle Field Trip

13INS, 2016, Perth, Western Australia. Organizer: Steve Barnes.

12INS, 2012, Guiyang, China. Organizers: Xie-Yan Song, Hong Zhong, and Zhongli Tang. Field trips to Jinchuan (X-Y Song) and Emeishan-Panzhihua (H Zhong). Workshop on Magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE Deposits.

11INS, 2009, Xi’an, China. Organizers: Zhongli Tang and M Liu. Field trip to Jinchuan (Chusi Li and Ed Ripley).

10INS, 2007, Beijing, China. Organizer: ???. Short courses on Magmatic Ores (Tony Naldrett) and Stable Isotopes (Ed Ripley).

9INS, 2004, Hong Kong. Organizer: Mei-Fu Zhou. Field trips to Jinchuan (Leader?) and Emeishan-Panzhihua (M-F Zhou)

8INS, 15-26 July 1999, Rouyn-Noranda, Québec. Organizer: Sarah-Jane Barnes. Sponsor: IGCP Project 427. Symposium: 29 presentations by 56 participants from 10 countries (Austria, Australia, Canada, Finland, Norway, Russia, South Africa, USA, UK, Zimbabwe). Pre-meeting field trip to Komatiites and Associated Ni-Cu-(PGE) Deposits in the Abitibi Greenstone Belt, Ontario-Québec (Paul Davis, Tony Fowler, Wulf Mueller) attended by 24 participants from 8 countries. Post-meeting field trip to Komatiitic Peridotites and Associated Ni-Cu-(PGE) deposits in the Cape Smith Belt, northern Québec (Michael Lesher) attended by 20 participants from 8 countries (enrollment limited by extreme remote location and logistics).

7INS, 1995, Duluth, Minnesota. Organizer: ???. Field trip to Duluth Complex.

6INS, 1992, Sudbury, Ontario. Organizer: Tony Naldrett. Sponsor: IGCP Project 336. Field trips to Sudbury, Timmins komatiites, and Thompson. Special publication by OGS (Tony Naldrett).

5INS, 1987, Harare, Zimbabwe. Organizer: ???. Sponsor: IGCP Project 161. Field trip to Great Dyke. Special volume published by IMM (Martin Prendergast).

4INS, 1982, Perth, Western Australia. Organizers: David Groves and Michael Lesher, Sponsor: IGCP 161, Field trips to WA Ni-Cu-(PGE) deposits (D Groves and M Lesher). Special volume published by IMM (D Buchanan).

3INS, 1981, Harare, Zimbabwe. Organizer: ???. Sponsor: IGCP Project 161. Field trips to Trojan, Shangani, and Epoch.

2INS, 1980, Turku, Finland. Organizer: Heikki Papunen. Sponsor: IGCP 161. Field trips to Narvik (Rona), Luleo and Skelleftea Ni, Pennikat, Central Finland komatiites.

1INS, 1978, Toronto, Ontario. Organizer: Tony Naldrett. Sponsor: IGCP Project 161. Field trips to Sudbury and Abitibi komatiites. Special issue of Canadian Mineralogist (Tony Naldrett).

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