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UPCOMING  Cardiff 2023, Wales. Dates: 04-07 July, Cardoff University. Organizer: Wolfgang Maier. Pre-Symposium Workshop: Wager and Brown Layer Intrusion Pre-Symposium Field Trips: Rum + Scotland (7-8 days, ~16 people, need to be fit as lots of walking, led by Brian O’Driscoll and Hannah Hughes, approximate cost 500£), Cyprus (7 days, ~20-25 people, no specific fitness requirements, led by Chris MacLeod, approximate cost 600£), and Wales Layered Intrusions and Snowdonia Volcanics (5-6 days, ~20 people, need to be fit, led by Wolfgang Maier, approximate cost 400£). Post-Symposium Field Trip: Seiland/Norway (6-8 days, ~10-15 people, need to be fit, led by Rune Larsen, approximate cost 500-1000£).

Virtual 2022. Early Career Researchers. Dates: 05 May, 12 May, and 19 May 2022. Organizers: William Smith, Chris Jenkins, Cláudia Augustin, Erin Thompson, Kate Canham, Priyanjan Datta, Abhishek Pandey, and Ivan Chayka. Workshops: Micromine (Tom Pratelli), Mineral Prospectivity Mapping (Bijal Chudasama), Magma Chamber Simulator (Jussi Heinonen), X-Ray Mapping and Multiple S Isotopes (Steve Barnes and Marco Fiorentini). 

Polokwane 2018, South Africa, 30 June - 06 July. Organizers: Judith Kinnaird, Natalie Brand, and Danielle Simmons-Duarte. Main Sponsors: Ivanplats and AngloAmerican. Participation: 201 registrations, 76 oral and 40 poster presentations, 74 workshop participants. Pre-meeting workshop on layered intrusions (Rais Latypov and Sofia Chistyakova). Post-meeting field trips to Magaliesbery, Rustenberg, and Burgersfort, and Nkomati. Morning visits to exploration camps and field traverses. Special Issue of Mineralogical Magazine dedicated to Hazel Prichard.

Yekaterinburg 2014, Russia. Dates: 01-14 August 2014. Organizers: Evgeny Pushkarev, Elena Anikina, and Kreshimir Malitch. Sponsors: Norilsk Nickel, SGA, Amur Mining, CAMECA. Pre-symposium field trips to Norilsk, Kondyr Massif, Rai-Iz, Uralian VMS deposits. Post-symposium field trips to Nizhny Tagil and Volkovsky, Uralian Pt Belt, and Ioko-Dovyren.

Sudbury 2010, Ontario. Dates: 17-29 June 2010. Organizers: Michael Lesher and Pedro Jugo (Laurentian University). Hosts: Laurentian University and Ontario Geological Survey. Sponsors: Stillwater Mining Company, QuadraFNX, Sudbury Geological Discussion Group, Mineral Exploration Research Centre, Marathon PGM, Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits, City of Sudbury, Mineralogical Association of Canada, Xstrata Nickel, Mineral Deposits Division of the Geological Association of Canada, Society of Economic Geologists. Participation: 295 participants, 86 oral presentations, 54 poster presentations. Pre-meeting workshops on PGE in Magmas (Steve Barnes and Marco Fiorentini), Chromite and PGE Association (James Mungall), and Layered Intrusions (James Miller and James Scoates). Pre-meeting field trips on Sudbury geology and mineralization (3 underground/surface by QuadraFNX geologists and Walter Peredery, 2 surface by Jacob Hanley, and 1 surface Paul Golightly and Ed Pattison), Post-meeting field trips on Komatiites and Ni-Cu-(PGE) in the Abitibi Belt (Michel Houlé, Sonia Préfontaine, and Brian Atkinson), River Valley Intrusion (Michael Easton, Richard James, and Scott Jobin-Bevans), and Western Superior PGE and Duluth Complex (James Miller, Mark Smyk, Peter Hollings), Special issues of Mineralium Deposita (Michael Lesher and Peter Lightfoot), Chemical Geology (James Brenan and Sarah-Jane Barnes), and Canadian Mineralogist (Andy McDonald, Michelle Huminicki, Robert Martin)

Oulu 2005, Finland. Dates: 08-11 August 2005. Organizers: Tuomo Alapieti (U Oulu) and Markku Iljana (Geological Survey of Finland). Main Sponsors: Geological Survey of Finland, Gold Fields, Implats, Outokumpu. Participation: 220 registrants, 70 oral presentations, 95 poster presentations. Pre-meeting field trips on Economic Geology of Finnish Layered Intrusions (Markku Iljina et al.) and Olanga Complex and related PGE deposits (Rais Latypov et al.). Post-meeting field trip on Layered intrusions of northern Finland (Tapio Halkoaho et al.). Short Course on PGE Exploration (Jim Mungall and Markku Iljina).

Billings 2002, Montana. Dates: 21-25 July 2002. Organizers: Michael Zientek (USGS), Roger Cooper (Lamar University), et al.. Main Sponsors: IGCP Project 427, SGA. Participation: 151 abstracts. Field trips to the Stillwater Complex (Alan Boudreau, Roger Cooper, Bill Meurer, and Michael Zientek), Stillwater Mine Complex (SMC Staff), and East Boulder Mine (SMC Staff)

Rustenburg 1998, South Africa. Dates: 29 June – 3 July 1998. Organizers: Chris A. Lee et al. Main Sponsors: Geological Society of South Africa, South African Institute of Mining & Metallurgy, IGCP Project 427. Participation: 260 registrants, 133 papers. Pre-meeting field trip to the Great Dyke of Zimbabwe led by Martin Prendergast & Alan Wilson. Visits to PGE Mines in the Rustenburg area.

Moscow 1994, Russia. Dates: 02-04 August 1994. Organizers: N.P. Laverov, V.P. Orlov, Vadim Distler, V.A Zharikov, V.E. Kunilov, and F.P. Mitrofanov. Main Sponsors: CODMUR/IAGOD, RAS, Noril’sk Nickel, IGEM, Inco, WMC, Outokumpu. Participantion: 255 registrations (192 Russian, 63 foreign). Moscow: 47 papers and 204 posters, Noril’sk: 10 papers. Pre-meeting field trip to Kola Layered Complexes (26-31 July, 18 participants) led by Felix Mitrofanov and Michail Torokhov. Post-meeting field trip to Noril’sk (5-11 August, 45 participants) led by V.E. Kunilov, V.A. Fedorenko et al.

Perth 1991, Western Australia. Dates: 08-11 July 1991. Organizers: Robin E.T. Hill and Stephen J. Barnes (CSIRO), Main Sponsors: CODMUR/IAGOD, CSIRO. Participation: 104 registrants, 59 papers, 16 posters. Pre-meeting field trips on the Geology and Mineralisation of the Fifield Platinum Province, NSW led by S.J. Elliott and A.R. Martin. Post-meeting field trip to Mafic-ultramafic Complexes of Western Australia led by S.J. Barnes and R.E.T. Hill

Espoo 1989, Finland. Dates: 01-03 August 1989. Organizers: Heikki Papunen (U Turku) et al. Main Sponsors: CODMUR/IAGOD, Society of Economic Geologists. Participation: 115 registrants, 61 papers, 32 posters. Pre-meeting field trip to Koitelainen, Lapland led by Tapani Mutanen. Post-meeting field trip to Kemi-Koillismaa Layered Complex and Mafic Intrusions in eastern Finland led by Tuomo Alapieti, Jarmo Lahtinen et al.

Toronto 1985, Ontario. Dates: 02-04 August 1985. Main Organizers: A.J. Naldrett & Department of Geology (U Toronto). Sponsors: IGCP Project 161, Mineralogical Association of Canada, and Society of Economic Geologists. Participation: 54 papers. Special issue of Economic Geology. Pre-meeting field trip to the Stillwater Complex. Post-meeting field trip to Sudbury. Note: 4IPS was combined with the IGCP 161 Magmatic Sulphide Field Conference IV in USA (Duke, Stillwater, Duluth) organized by Gerry Czamanske, Michael Zientek, and Norman Page

Pretoria 1981, South Africa. Dates: 06-10 July. Organizers: D.A. Pretorius, C.F. Vermaak, G. von Gruenewaldt, C.T. Potgieter. Main Sponsors: Society of Economic Geologists & Geological Society of South Africa. Participation:130 registrants (parallel with Geocongress 1981), 39 papers. Field trip to Bushveld Complex.

Denver 1975, Colorado. Dates: 13-17 Oct 1975. Organizers: George A. Desborough (USGS) & Ben F. Leonard. Main Sponsor: Society of Economic Geologists. Participation: 73 registrants, 22 papers. Special issue of Economic Geology.

Melbourne 1971, Victoria. Dates: 05-06 Oct 1971. Venue: University of Melbourne. Organizers: John Lovering & Reid Keays (University of  Melbourne). Participation: 50 registrants, 13 papers. Tours of neutron activation, electron microprobe, and SEM labs at University of Melbourne.

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