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Workshop Videos from 2022 Virtual IPS   (link to Magsul YouTube Channel)

Barnes, Steve  Interpreting Sulfide Textures, Part 1
Barnes, Steve  Interpreting Sulfide Textures, Part 2 (including Nova ase study)

Heinonen, Jussi  Magma Chamber Simulator, Part 1
Heinonen, Jussi  Magma Chamber Simulator, Part 2
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Video Lectures from 2022 Virtual IPS   (link to Magsul YouTube Channel)

Augustin, Claudia  Constraint from sulfide chemistry in the Americano do Brasil Complex, central Brazil

Bain, Wyatt  The Legris Lake Complex: Geology, geochemistry, and magmatic evolution

Blanks, Daryl  The role of CO2 in fluxing Ni, Cu, and PGE through the lithosphere

Brooksby, Kiara  Litho- and Chemo-Stratigraphy of the Critical Zone at Sandsloot, Northern Limb of the Bushveld Complex: A Data Science Approach

Brovchenko, Valeriya  Sulfide-sulfide liquid immiscibility as an additional mechanism for Norilsk ores PGE enrichment

Brzozowski, Matthew  Mineralizing processes in the Current and Escape conduit-type PGE–Cu–Ni deposits of the Thunder Bay North Igneous Complex, northwestern Ontario, Canada

Brzozowski, Matthew  Iron isotopes record fractionation and oxidation of sulfide liquids in the Cu–PGE mineralization of the Eastern Gabbro, Coldwell Complex, Canada

Buckle, Tom  Domaining of downhole geochemical data – an automated approach applied to the Northern Limb of the Bushveld Complex

Canham, Kate  Chromitite and sulfide-associated PGE-(Ni-Cu) mineralization in the Lower Zone at Zwartfontein, northern Bushveld Complex

Chayka, Ivan  Sulfide-poor PGE ores of the Noril'sk-1 intrusion: Mineralogy, geochemistry and genetic constraints

Compton-Jones, Charlie  Platinum-group element compositions of orangeites dykes intersecting the Western Limb of the Bushveld Complex

Dyan, Siyasanga  Distinctive mineral assemblages from carbonate contaminated Flatreef, northern limb, Bushveld Complex, South Africa

Garcia, Jonathan  Geochemical and petrographic evidences of two different magma pulses in the Main Ore Horizon of the Norilsk 1 intrusion (middle part)

Gonzalez-Perez, Igor  Crustal contamination triggered the formation of anomalously PGM-rich chromitite layers in the Kevitsa Ni-Cu-PGE deposit

Jenkins, Chris  A novel origin for PGE reefs: A case study of the J-M Reef

Kruger, Willem  The in situ crystallization of non-cotectic, foliated igneous rocks on a magma chamber floor

Kutyrev, Anton  Noble metals in arc basaltic magmas worldwide: a case study of modern and pre-historic lavas of the Tolbachik volcano, Kamchatka

Lindsay, Jordan  A machine learning approach to global PGE systems

Mansur, Eduardo  The Jaguar hydrothermal nickel deposit – A link between IOA and IOCG deposits within the Carajás Mineral Province

Mapiloko, Mabatho  Chromite and sulphide mineralization of the Uitloop ultramafic bodies in the northern limb of the Bushveld Complex

Mashhour, Samer  A paradigm shift in our understanding of the solidification of layered basaltic intrusions: non-sequential magma injection, turbulent mixing, and maintaining mass balance

Motta, Joao  K-means partitioning as a tool to domain samples of Platinum- Group Element ore and host rocks in the central Northern Limb of the Bushveld Complex

Schoneveld, Louise  PGMs in the low sulfur regions of the giant Norilsk Ni-Cu-PGE deposit, Siberia

Smith, William  Microtextures of anorthosites in the Critical Zone of the Bushveld Complex

Smith, William  Crystal-charged magmas building Ni-Cu-mineralised sheet intrusions of the Mount Ayliff Complex, South Africa

Thompson, Erin  Multiple magma packages in the Platreef at Tweefontein – is grade controlled by magmatic stratigraphy?

Yao, Zhou-sen  Upward or downward transfer of sulfide in magmatic conduit system?


Videos from 2021 Virtual INS   (link to Magsul YouTube Channel)

Barnes, Sarah-Jane     Major/Trace Elements in Chromite

Barnes, Sarah-Jane     Mantle Normalization of TABS

Barnes, Steve     Naldrett Tribute

Barnes, Steve     Chromite - PGE Connection

Baurier-Aymat, Sandra     Sudbury Cryderman Deposit [FLASH]

Beach, Steve     Eagle Virtual Field Trip    

Benson, Erin     S Isotopes at  East Eagle

Benson, Erin     Bushveld Isotope Mixing

Beresford, Steve     Hydrogeochemistry Talnakh-Oktybrysky Cu-Ni-PGE deposit

Blanks, Daryl     Crystallisation of Ni-Cu-PGE Sulfide at Munali

Brzozowski, Matthew – Cu Isotopes Coldwell Complex

Cave, Ben – Nova-Bollinger Stratigraphy

Chaumba, Jeff     Zvishavane Ultramafic Complex

Cherdantseva, Maria     CO2-rich Fluid Exsolution from Magmatic Sulfides in the Middle Crust

Cruden, Sandy     Eagle Emplacement

Ding, Xin     Jinchuan Mg-C-O Isotopes

Duan, Jun     Jinchuan S-Fe Isotopes [FLASH]

Essig, Espree     Eagle East Magnetic Susceptibility

Evans, David     Sediment Contamination Muremera-Rujungu and Kabanga

Fifer, Caleb – Ni Isotopes in J-M Reef

Fiorentini, Marco     Proterozoic Magmatism and Metallogenesis in Australia and the Bushveld

Garcia, V – Carajás GT-34 Ni

Goldie, Ray – Net Smelter Return in Exploration

Good, David –  Coldwell Passive Seismic

Heggie Geoff     Mineralization and Igneous Stratigraphy of the Blackbird Cr Deposit

Holwell, David     Modor

Houlé, Michel     Ring of Fire Architecture

Iacono-Marziano, Giada     Magma Degassing, Sulphide Melt Mobility, Metal Enrichment

Jenkins, Christopher     J-M Reef Composition

Kaavera, Jacob     Molopo Farms PGE

Keays, Reid [KEYNOTE]      Avebury Unvonventional Ni

Kopping, Jonas      Geometry and Emplacement of Elongate Finger-Like Intrusions

Lesher, Michael      Sudbury Impact Devolatilization

Le Vaillant M     LA-ICP-MS and S Isotopic Data on Different Sulfide Textures, Norilsk

Magee, Craig [KEYNOTE]      Sill Emplacement using 3D Seismic Reflection Data

Mahin, Robert     Eagle and Eagle East Discovery

Malitch, Kreshmir     Zircon from Noril’sk-type Economic Intrusions

Marfin, Alexander       S/Se of Oktyabrsk Deposit, Norilsk-Talnakh [FLASH]

Maier, Wolfgang       Flatreef

Mansur, Eduardo     Trace Elements in Po-Pn-Ccp

Mansur, Eduardo     TABS and Se in Merensky Reef

McFall, Katie     PGE in Porphyry Cu Deposits

Miller, James     Mid-Continent Rift

Miller, James     Sunday Lake

Mungall, James [KEYNOTE]     Role of Compound Drops in Magmas

Mungall, James     Junior Lake Hydrothermal Ni

Nissanka Arachchige, Uchi - Formation and Propagation of Finger-Like Conduits

Peters, Dustin – Sudbury North Range Chemostratigraphy [FLASH]   coming soon...  

Rennick, Steven – Nova-Bollinger Structure and Lithology

Mungall, James – PGE in New Afton Cu-Au Porphyry

Schoneveld, Louise – New Indicator Minerals

Schutesky, Maria – Carajá Ni Mineralization

Seibel, Henning     Sudbury Offset Dikes [FLASH]

Smith, William     Merensky Reef Insights from µXRF and SEM mapping

Smith, William     Labrador Trough Prospectivity

Staude, Sebastian     Sulfide Evolution of the Moran Ni deposit, Kambalda

Thompson, J     Curaçá Valley Cu (Ni, Au, PGE)

Virtanen, Ville     Duluth Assimilation and Sulphide Saturation

Virtanen, Ville     Black Shale Melting Experiments

Wrage, Jackie   S and SO4 Saturation

Yao, Zhuosen   Linking Siberian flood Basalts and Norilsk Ni-Cu-PGE

Yudovskaya, Marina [KEYNOTE]   Breccias of the Norilsk Ore Fields


Other Relevant Talks

Barnes, Steve   Norilsk-Talnakh [CSIRO]

Barnes, Steve  Nova-Bollinger [ORE DEPOSITS HUB]

Barnes, Steve   Ni in olivine as an exploration indicator [SGA, Mar 2022]

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