Videos from 14INS Parts A and B (Sessions 1-6)

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Barnes, Sarah-Jane     Major/Trace Elements in Chromite

Barnes, Sarah-Jane     Mantle Normalization of TABS

Barnes, Steve     Naldrett Tribute

Barnes, Steve     Chromite - PGE Connection

Baurier-Aymat, Sandra     Sudbury Cryderman Deposit [FLASH]

Beach, Steve     Eagle Virtual Field Trip    

Benson, Erin     S Isotopes at  East Eagle

Benson, Erin     Bushveld Isotope Mixing

Beresford, Steve     Hydrogeochemistry Talnakh-Oktybrysky Cu-Ni-PGE deposit

Blanks, Daryl     Crystallisation of Ni-Cu-PGE Sulfide at Munali

Brzozowski, Matthew – Cu Isotopes Coldwell Complex

Cave, Ben – Nova-Bollinger Stratigraphy

Chaumba, Jeff     Zvishavane Ultramafic Complex

Cherdantseva, Maria     CO2-rich Fluid Exsolution from Magmatic Sulfides in the Middle Crust

Cruden, Sandy     Eagle Emplacement

Ding, Xin     Jinchuan Mg-C-O Isotopes

Duan, Jun     Jinchuan S-Fe Isotopes [FLASH]

Essig, Espree     Eagle East Magnetic Susceptibility

Evans, David     Sediment Contamination Muremera-Rujungu and Kabanga

Fifer, Caleb – Ni Isotopes in J-M Reef

Fiorentini, Marco     Proterozoic Magmatism and Metallogenesis in Australia and the Bushveld

Garcia, V – Carajás GT-34 Ni

Goldie, Ray – Net Smelter Return in Exploration

Good, David –  Coldwell Passive Seismic

Heggie Geoff     Mineralization and Igneous Stratigraphy of the Blackbird Cr Deposit

Holwell, David     Modor

Houlé, Michel     Ring of Fire Architecture

Iacono-Marziano, Giada     Magma Degassing, Sulphide Melt Mobility, Metal Enrichment

Jenkins, Christopher     J-M Reef Composition

Kaavera, Jacob     Molopo Farms PGE

Keays, Reid [KEYNOTE]      Avebury Unvonventional Ni

Kopping, Jonas      Geometry and Emplacement of Elongate Finger-Like Intrusions

Lesher, Michael      Sudbury Impact Devolatilization

Le Vaillant M     LA-ICP-MS and S Isotopic Data on Different Sulfide Textures, Norilsk

Magee, Craig [KEYNOTE]      Sill Emplacement using 3D Seismic Reflection Data

Mahin, Robert     Eagle and Eagle East Discovery

Malitch, Kreshmir     Zircon from Noril’sk-type Economic Intrusions

Marfin, Alexander       S/Se of Oktyabrsk Deposit, Norilsk-Talnakh [FLASH]

Maier, Wolfgang       Flatreef

Mansur, Eduardo     Trace Elements in Po-Pn-Ccp

Mansur, Eduardo     TABS and Se in Merensky Reef

McFall, Katie     PGE in Porphyry Cu Deposits

Miller, James     Mid-Continent Rift

Miller, James     Sunday Lake

Mungall, James [KEYNOTE]     Role of Compound Drops in Magmas

Mungall, James     Junior Lake Hydrothermal Ni

Nissanka Arachchige, Uchi - Formation and Propagation of Finger-Like Conduits

Peters, Dustin – Sudbury North Range Chemostratigraphy [FLASH]   coming soon...  

Rennick, Steven – Nova-Bollinger Structure and Lithology

Mungall, James – PGE in New Afton Cu-Au Porphyry

Schoneveld, Louise – New Indicator Minerals

Schutesky, Maria – Carajá Ni Mineralization

Seibel, Henning     Sudbury Offset Dikes [FLASH]

Smith, William     Merensky Reef Insights from µXRF and SEM mapping

Smith, William     Labrador Trough Prospectivity

Staude, Sebastian     Sulfide Evolution of the Moran Ni deposit, Kambalda

Thompson, J     Curaçá Valley Cu (Ni, Au, PGE)

Virtanen, Ville     Duluth Assimilation and Sulphide Saturation

Virtanen, Ville     Black Shale Melting Experiments

Wrage, Jackie - S and SO4 Saturation

Yao, Zhuosen - Linking  Siberian flood Basalts and Norilsk Ni-Cu-PGE

Yudovskaya, Marina [KEYNOTE] - Breccias of the Norilsk Ore Fields

Other Relevant Talks

Barnes, Steve – Norilsk-Talnakh [CSIRO]

Barnes, Steve – Nova-Bollinger [ORE DEPOSITS HUB]

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